About US

African  Journal  of  Medical  Sciences (AJMSC) is a premier peer reviewed open access medical sciences journal promoting the innovation, advancement and dissemination of basic knowledge in medicine, laboratory technology and other related medical disciplines.
All articles appear on AJMSC after full appraisal, legitimacy and reliability of research content. The African Journal of Medical Sciences publishes papers online. It is intended to serve as a forum for researchers, practitioners and technologists to exchange ideas and results for the advancement of medicine, technology, and research activities.
Comprehensive, fast and efficient research cycles allow scholars to make progress in their careers more effectively, and receive immediate access to new research materials, findings and latest medical developments.
AJMSC welcomes medical research scholars and medical scientists from different domains in its realm of Open Access Publication. Initial decision for a manuscript will be made within 1-2 weeks after the submission.  AJMSC publishes regular research articles, reviews, short communications, and other types of medical research papers.  AJMSC would consider manuscript in the following areas:
*Biological Sciences      * Clinical Trials      * Internal Medicine
* Pediatrics                    * Surgery               * Orthopedics
* Obstetrics                    * Gynecology        * Pharmacology
* Therapeutics               * Dentistry             * Community Medicine
* Health Care                 * Anesthesia         * Epidemiological Studies
* Clinical Chemistry       * Biochemistry       * Human Anatomy
* Human Histology        * Immunology        * Medical Physics
* Histopathology            * Cytology             * Medical Parasitology
* Medical Entomology    * Nursing              * Medical Microbiology
* Haematology                * Physiotherapy   * Blood Banking
* Other Medical Science Subjects