Why Publish With Us

1. Publishing with the African Journal of Medical Sciences helps authors to participate in, and benefit from, the dynamic world of 21st century scientific publishing. We aim to build a successful and long-lasting relationship with our authors, and we offer full support both during and after the publishing process.
2. We guarantee high-quality publication, worldwide readership, highly indexed journal, efficient publishing process, access of all research's online file free of charge, easy process of paper submission, and quick reply of query within 24 hrs.
3. When a manuscript is submitted to AJMSC, the author(s) agree that the work described in the manuscript is original by the author(s), and is not published or being considered by other journals; and on submission of a manuscript or editions to a manuscript, the author(s) agree that all contents of the manuscript have been approved by all authors listed on the manuscript (if any); and if the manuscript is accepted by AJMSC, the author(s) agree to automatically transfer all copyrights to AJMSC.